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1. Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Sync Engines! (Posted: 10.03 - By Phil Britt)
Synchronizing data wirelessly could become a thing of the past before it even begins.
2. Slingin' Profits (Posted: 10.03 - By Phil Britt)
Cincy’s famous Skyline Chili implements a wireless ordering system to spice up its bottom line.
3. Wireless for the Long Haul (Posted: 10.03 - By John Burnell)
Old Dominion Freight Lines’ strategic investment in wireless technology has transformed the company’s business and is on pace for a quick ROI.
4. Alarming Results (Posted: 11.03 - By Randi Rosenberg)
IBS unlocks wireless data to help security companies track down profits.
5. Keeping it Real (Posted: 11.03 - By Matt Purdue)
In the hyper-competitive real estate market, mobile tech can mean the difference between old and “sold.”
6. Laptops on the Beach (Posted: 11.03 - By Eric M. Zeman)
A famous Santa Monica hotel installs Wi-Fi network for guests, who can now surf the net while surfing the waves—well, almost.
7. New Tablets Hit the Streets Running (Posted: 11.03 - By Matt Purdue)
Glance at IT research firm IDC’s forecasts for Tablet PC sales and you’ll see bar graphs rising faster than Bechtel stock after Gulf War II.
8. So Hot You’re Cool, So Cool You’re Hot (Posted: 11.03 - By William Gillis)
HVAC contractors automate to overcome unique challenges and provide vital on-site service.
9. Crafting the ROI Case for Wireless CRM (Posted: 12.03 - By Craig Settles)
Listening to conventional industry hype, you might get the impression that all you need to do to be in ROI heaven is slap some code onto a CRM application that enables PDAs to wirelessly access data in that app.
10. Life in the Fast Lane (Posted: 12.03 - By George Moss)
RFID powers border-crossing program.

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