12/01/2002 -

MGE UPS Systems announced the recent deployment of Xora’s new EnterpriseOne Mobility Platform and Xora Mobility Connector for their field service engineers. MGE’s field force is now able to access and update customer and service request information as well as inventory on two-way Motorola pagers. EnterpriseOne includes a document management feature, which allows MGE’s field force to submit field service reports, service request information and data sheets in one Web view.

California Water Service (CalWater) announced an agreement with Itron to deploy technology that will assist its field force in collecting accurate data more efficiently. This includes the purchase of over 100 Itron G5 handheld computers, some equipped with full-duplex radios able to collect metering data by simply moving past metered property. CalWater plans an initial rollout of Itron automatic meter reading technology in one of its 25 service areas.

United Power, a Touchstone Energy partner, has installed TruckMap software by har*Gis, a provider of mobile and wireless applications for utilities and local governments. The TruckMap interface allows for retrieval as well as updates to United Power’s customer and electrical information databases—including maps and records maintained within an ESRI ArcGIS product. Office and field personnel will have access to current information regardless of their location.

Carl Zeiss, the optical and scientific instrument maker, has deployed Nexterna’s Clearview field resource management system. Clearview permits field technicians Web access to the service management application, including product-tracking capabilities, repair history, location and warranty information. Access to records improves customer service by keeping technicians up-to-date; the Clearview system also connects technicians and dispatch for easy relay of service requests and completed work orders, which used to be handwritten and mailed into the central office.

Underwriters Laboratories has deployed AvantGo’s Pylon Pro 5.0 to its field force’s Windows-powered Pocket PCs. Pylon allows Pocket PC or Palm OS users access to their Lotus Notes e-mail, calendars, to-do lists and other personal information programs. Underwriters Laboratories is an independent, not-for-profit product safety and certification organization.

Exel has chosen GlobeRanger’s Warehouse Order Execution application to serve one of its major global customers. With GlobeRangers solution application, information regarding inventory movement within a warehouse is now available in real time and includes inbound receiving, in-house pallet breaking/put-away and order picking/staging. Excel’s distribution center will have a more efficient receiving-picking-and-shipping process and happier customers. Exel plans to implement more GlobeRanger solutions in their warehouses in the future.

Circuit City has chosen Astea’s CRM/Field Force Automation software for its new installation scheduling system. With the big focus in home electronics on customer service, Circuit City’s installation field force will now have greater mobility and reliable access to on-the-job information. Astea’s AllianceEnterprise CRM Suite allows for flexible management of sales and service business processes.

Indianapolis Water has begun deploying Palm handhelds, installed with UtiliSuite from Utility Data, to test and repair hydrants and valves and service customer work orders. Up to 700 hydrant tests can be loaded on the PalmV’s 2MB of RAM. Field service operators can quickly process work orders by opening one of the four available forms and adding the needed information. Input is usually completed through drop down menus, but keyboards, for longer comments and responses, have been added using special mounting boards. Some applications were developed using Pendragon Forms from Pendragon Software.


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