TCS Partners With Convergence to Offer VoIP E9-1-1 Service to Enterprise Market

TeleCommunication Systems, a leading provider of mission-critical wireless communications, has announced it has established a strategic partnership with Covergence, the leading provider of unified security and management solutions for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) applications, to ensure mobile enterprise customers have access to emergency services. The integration of TCS and Covergence technologies enables enterprise customers to provide the caller’s current mobile location identification information to public safety call and dispatch centers via TCS’ proven VoIP Enhanced 9-1-1 service.

Covergence’s Eclipse solution is based on a scalable architecture that centralizes security and management functions for SIP applications and devices. TCS complements this solution with its location and presence capabilities for static, nomadic and mobile VoIP users. TCS enables the routing and delivery of the VoIP caller’s registered location information to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). This is critical, as the enterprise requires detailed location information for delivery to the PSAP and collection from the enterprise. In addition, TCS delivers Automatic Location Identification (ALI) steering, call routing, call center and other services, enabling TCS to deliver the essential E9-1-1 requirements for interconnected VoIP Service Providers (VSPs).

The enterprise environment requires detailed information for both delivery to the PSAP and collection from the enterprise. TCS works directly with PSAPs to ensure successful deployments of its VoIP E9-1-1 network-based solution. Covergence works closely with vendors and enterprise systems to ensure that the Covergence hardware has the appropriate interface built to collect the location information from the enterprise for delivery at the time of the call. A consideration in Covergence’s selection of TCS as its partner is that the TCS VoIP E9-1-1 solution is designed for mobility.

“This partnership positions both TCS and Covergence with a strong leadership presence for delivery of emergency services to enterprise customers,” said Bob O’Neil, President and CEO, Covergence. “The combination of our technologies enables both companies to enhance their product and service offerings supporting mobile and nomadic usage. TCS gains a straightforward inroad into the enterprise markets with a consistent solution, and we gain the ability to provide E9-1-1 service to our enterprise customers.”

“With Covergence’s Eclipse solution integrated into TCS’ VoIP E9-1-1solution, enterprise VoIP customers have access to TCS’ VoIP Positioning Center functionality, and our relationships with the PSAPs, as well as connections to the ALI network for location delivery,” said John Croy, Senior Director of the VoIP Business Unit at TCS.

Covergence has developed the industry’s first unified security and management solution for applications and services based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). The Covergence Eclipse series of solutions provide the security, control, monitoring and interoperability necessary for deployment of real-time applications and services. For more information, visit


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