Syncing Up - The Phone's The Thing
March 1, 2006 -

Maybe itís because I am fresh from the 3GSM show held in Barcelona, Spain, or perhaps itís a result of reading through this issue of Mobile Enterprise. One way or another, phones are front-and-center on my mind. They are the most basic business tool. From the smallest family-run business to the most massive global organization, no enterprise exists without a phone.

While the 3GSM conference was rife with the most advanced cell phones and cellular technologies in the world, doing everything from browsing the Web to reading e-mail and managing remote workers, the myriad extra features still pale in comparison to the power to reach one person via their handset. And itís that simple act that weíre still most excited about.

This monthís mobile sales and mobile professional feature articles focus on different types of telephony. Tim Scannell takes us through the ins and outs of combining traditional wireline with wireless phone services from the major network operators. Find out the best way to negotiate contracts and pricing plans so that your workers are reachable whether they are at their desks or overseas attending trade shows.

We also take a close look at the burgeoning use of voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. See how this growing technology can offer your enterprise reduced communications costs and other benefits.
Finally, see what phone technology construction workers are using on-site to fill out time sheets, track shipments and get the job done.

Eric M. Zeman


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