Orative® Enterprise Software version 2.0
February 06, 2006 -

SAN JOSE, Calif. – February 7, 2006 – Orative, a leader in enterprise mobile telephony, today announced availability of Orative® Enterprise Software version 2.0.  This new release builds upon an award-winning solution designed to eliminate business delays caused by the inability to reach mobile employees at the right time and in the right way.  By leveraging thecore product’s innovative presence capabilities, the latest release of Orative Enterprise Software adds new integration with existing corporate infrastructure designed to streamline business communications.

Orative software addresses a critical problem facing many business organizations. In an era of “always on” communications, enterprises need rapid responses to customer issues and changing business conditions. With roughly 200 million subscribers in the U.S. alone, mobile phones clearly provide part of the solution. Yet, poor integration of existing technologies and inefficient communications negatively impact business operations and responsiveness. According to Forrester Research, 78% of respondents in a recent survey reported regular business delays due to the inability to reach others in a timely manner.

Orative Enterprise Software version 2.0 is a client-server solution purchased and managed by enterprise organizations. The software provides an integrated solution running on standard mobile phones that combines presence technology, directory synchronization, collaboration tools, secure messaging, corporate voice mail notification and playback, and calendar alerts. By linking this rich functionality to existing corporate systems, Orative Enterprise Software simplifies mobile communications and enables mobile professionals to more quickly and easily reach co-workers so that they can make decisions and accelerate business tasks. A presence-enabled phone book makes it possible for a caller to determine at-a-glance if someone is available to talk before actually placing a call. This functionality optimizes interactions by coordinating “live” calls transcending time and location.

New features available in Orative Enterprise Software version 2.0 include: Corporate Voice Mail Integration – notification and playback of corporate voice mail messages on mobile handsets saves time and eliminates the need for mobile employees to periodically dial in to office systems to check on the arrival of new messages.  An intuitive visual interface on the mobile phone matches incoming phone numbers with existing contact names and groups messages by person. Simple controls provide easy playback options.

Resource Finder – allows mobile users to request assistance from experts according to skill set or group so that time sensitive issues can be resolved quickly. This powerful feature relies upon new, agent-based technology in the Orative solution that uses a set of customer-defined business rules and roles to route requests to key employees based upon their expertise and current availability status.

“When you are on the go, timely access to key people and information are essential,” remarked Paul Fulton, Orative CEO and president. “Our latest release of Orative Enterprise Software empowers business professionals to reach one another and interact in new and sensible ways that have never been possible with mobile phones – until now.”

Orative Enterprise Software runs on over 30 different handset models and operates across multiple mobile networks simultaneously. Orative Enterprise Software version 2.0 is currently shipping.

About Orative
Orative develops mobile software that lets employees reach the Right Resource, Right Nowä. Using innovative presence technology running on mobile phones, Orative software gives employees the ability to reach co-workers so that they can ask for help, make decisions and move business forward. Orative transforms the mobile phone into a true business phone. The company was founded in 2002, and is headquartered in San Jose, CA. For more information, visit www.orative.com


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