Oracle Integrates With Broadbeam to Offer Expanded Mobile Enterprise Capabilities

Oracle has integrated its Oracle Database Lite 10g Release 2 with Broadbeam's MSS ExpressQ, helping deliver a complete and integrated solution for developing and deploying vital database applications for mobile and embedded environments. Users that activate MSS ExpressQ in conjunction with Oracle Database Lite 10g Release 2 can extend integrated device management (DM) to all major devices, including laptops and PDAs, that do not feature built-in SMS or proprietary message listener capabilities.

With MSS ExpressQ and Oracle Database Lite 10g Release 2, users at the corporate site can quickly and easily retrieve mobile device and software information, synchronize with and delete mobile applications, send updates for download, and more—at any time, regardless of available network coverage or connections. Leveraging a unique message queuing technology, MSS ExpressQ automatically stores and forwards DM commands and updates to mobile users as soon as they are within network reach, without requiring manual intervention—guaranteeing delivery at all times. MSS ExpressQ is also fully optimized for wireless transport, dynamically identifying and filtering data by network type and intelligently switching between Wi-Fi and WWAN networks to ensure lowest-cost, fastest-delivery routing for high-volume transmissions via Broadbeam's MSS IntelliSwitching functionality.

Setting up Oracle Database Lite 10g Release 2 with MSS ExpressQ requires a simple server configuration, eliminating the need for development and minimizing impact on system resources. The process is transparent to the end user. Through the integration, Oracle Database Lite 10g Release 2 users can also take advantage of the full range of Broadbeam's MSS solutions to develop new mobile applications via MSS ExpressQ, or extend existing ones to mobile environments via MSS Smart IP—making them instantly available to remote users via Oracle's DM capabilities.

"Oracle recognizes that the enterprise is increasingly focused on supporting a mobile workforce. The first release of Oracle Database Lite 10g provided persistent access to business-critical information and applications without requiring continuous connectivity to back-end enterprise systems," said Andrew Mendelsohn, senior VP of Oracle Database Server Technologies. "The integration of Broadbeam's award-winning MSS ExpressQ technology with Release 2 takes our mobile capabilities to the next level. As a leading provider in enterprise mobile connectivity, Broadbeam was a logical choice to support our efforts in this arena."

"Broadbeam's solutions have become a critical tool for today's businesses, as the enterprise quickly becomes 'the mobile enterprise,'" said Janet Boudris, CEO of Broadbeam. "The relationship between Broadbeam and Oracle—the leading players in the mobile and enterprise software markets, respectively—demonstrates the growing need to provide users-on-the-go with seamless, secure wireless access to the enterprise from any location."

MSS ExpressQ for real-time device management in an occasionally- disconnected mobile computing paradigm (and for the development of new mobile applications) is available now directly from Broadbeam. Other Broadbeam products such as MSS Smart IP and MSS IntelliSwitching are also available now directly from Broadbeam.


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