Freetext to Fuel Growth in Business Text Messaging

With 'texting' becoming an increasingly popular method of communication for businesses, an organisation will be able to offer Freetext as an easy and effective way for their customers and employees to contact them without worrying about the cost of sending the message.

The 8-0800 short code mirrors typical freephone numbers that begin with 0800, and enables mobile phone users to text into subscribing organisations for free.

"Freetext recognises the popularity of text messaging as a business communication tool, while addressing end-users' biggest concern - the cost of sending the message," said Julian Hucker, Esendex's managing director.

"With Freetext, companies can offer customers and employees the chance to get in touch using a mobile phone free of charge. Most people now own and use a mobile phone in both their personal and business lives, so this free service will be accessible to many and is extremely easy to use.

"For example, councils can use Freetext as a convenient way for citizens to ask about services or to ask for repairs to council facilities."

All Freetext messages provided by Esendex will be sent to 8-0800, the unique short code free of charge. Unique keywords will enable customers to 'brand' each campaign.

Freetext currently works with all mobile networks with the exception of O2. The company is expected to offer its support for Freetext by the end of the year, but until then, O2 customers sending messages will be charged at standard rates.


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