AirGATE Demonstrates New Wireless Authenticity Verification System

AirGATE's AirAVS system can be employed in a number of disciplines where authentication and chain-of-custody is a high priority. The system was developed in cooperation with clients seeking a compact, non-invasive method to control inventory such as clothing, artwork, sports memorabilia, collectibles and high-value documents.

AirAVS is based on Hitachi's "mu-chip," the world's smallest RFID integrated circuit. It provides the ability to track, trace and monitor items cost effectively, ultimately enhancing security, and protecting brand image. The system provides high visibility of the tagged item throughout supply, value chain or life-cycle. The system also incorporates a unique electronic token for use in sale transactions to ensure accuracy and security of the AirAVS database.

"The collectibles market is a multi-billion dollar industry that is plagued with counterfeits," stated Mike Sheriff, CEO of AirGATE Technologies. "The AirAVS system was developed in concert with this market and should help to alleviate many of the problems in identifying the authenticity of items through the use of this technology."


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