Telcontar Gets Personal with Next Generation Location Platform

DDS 4.0 enables personalised routes, giving users the ability to define favourite routes and then receive proactive notification of relevant information along those routes such as real time traffic, petrol prices or special offers from retailers. In the same way that one can have a personal watch list of stock prices or news, now it is possible to check favourite routes to see if traffic is bad getting out of town on a Friday, or to learn who has the lowest petrol price on the commute home.

“Integrating real time data such as traffic is the key to developing location-based applications that are used every day,” said J. Kim Fennell, president and CEO of Telcontar. “All of us have routes that we drive daily. Telcontar’s new platform gives consumers information about those routes that is timely, relevant and actionable. Rather than being used only when going to a new place, the dynamic nature of this information increases the frequency in which these applications are used.”

By combining DDS 4.0 with a standard Internet notification system, drivers can be notified to leave 20 minutes earlier, what exits to take, if ‘A’ roads should be used instead of motorways, as well as identifying where the nearest ATMs and rest stops are located. Until now, this has not been practical due to the complexity of correlating time-sensitive data across potentially millions of personalised routes. DDS 4.0 offers a unique method of quickly and efficiently searching across stored routes to provide the first location platform that can scale to the volumes needed for the Internet.

Traffic Manager 4.0 further enhances the personalised routes by integrating data from traffic providers with advanced detour routing to get drivers to their destinations as quickly as possible. DDS 4.0 with the Traffic Manager 4.0 extension uses real-time traffic data in the routing calculations and is the first routing platform to explore detours around these incidents on surface streets as part of an optimised solution. The result is that drivers now can not only know what traffic to expect, but can know what to do about it, with routes that minimise their time on the road. The scalability of Telcontar’s platform combined with the reliability and accuracy of our real-time traffic information provides a complete solution that transforms the commuting experience by enabling individuals and businesses to avoid wasting valuable time on congested roadways.

The DDS 4.0 platform delivers unparalleled scalability and can instantaneously update thousands of routes affected by issues such as special events, changes in traffic patterns as well as handle millions of users accessing a site simultaneously. The Drill Down Server technology lies at the heart of the most popular Internet mapping applications to deliver an aggregate of more than a billion maps and routes each month. Telematics companies and wireless application developers can also build mobile applications that access the DDS platform to provide off-board navigation solutions.


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