Questing for Access
Posted: 09.01.05 - By Eric M. Zeman

Here to help you on your quest for access is recently renamed Avanquest. Formerly BVRP, Avanquest specializes in helping mobile workers to get connected with ease. Its Connection Manager Pro software lets users manage all their different connectivity options with a simple and easy-to-use interface. After installing the software, I took Connection Manager Pro for a test ride.

From my office, connected to the wired LAN, I was able to set up different profiles for the different ways to connect. The interface showed me all the potential connections, which included the LAN, Wi-Fi hotspots and WWAN. Along with a list of the connections, it showed me the relative strength of each connection and the quality of the wireless signals. It let me configure which connection I wanted to use and prioritize them so that I can always hop onto the fastest or cheapest pipeline. The interface also let me configure network settings and my browser and e-mail settings. After creating a number of profiles, I decided to hit the road.

During my commute home, I fired up the laptop and the connection manager launched. It was able to find the EV-DO signal from Verizon Wireless that I had running and let me connect through the WWAN.

Once I got home and plugged it into my home network, the manager showed me my LAN, the EV-DO WWAN and all my neighbors’ Wi-Fi hotspots (many of which were unsecured, I might add). I jumped onto the Internet through my LAN and was able to get to work with no problem.

All this is accomplished with the highest levels of security. Connection Manager Pro supports SSID, WEP and WPA with up to 128-bit encryption, so your IT manager back at the office knows that you’re protected.

Though I had some initial difficulty in setting up the first profile, I eventually found using Avanquest’s Connection Manager Pro to be a simple and straightforward way of securely connecting to the Internet.


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