The Strong and Silent Type of Notebook
Posted: 08.18.2005 - By Rita Kushnir

Powered by the energy-efficient MD Turion 64 ML-37 processor, the nx6125 comes preloaded with Windows XP Professional SP2, InterVideo's WinDVD, Sonic's RecordNow and a trial version of Symantec's Norton AntiVirus 2005. You can also choose Win XP Home Edition and FreeDOS if that’s what you prefer to use. The nx6125 includes three USB 2.0 ports, FireWire, and S-Video for external connectivity. There are one-touch buttons for the Wi-Fi adapter and volume controls. Spill-resistant keyboard and scratch-resistant laminates minimize the risk of serious damage. The display is kept free from scuff marks and scratches by a Panel Protection System.

The HP nx6125 is intended for the business user and is very security conscious. This machine goes to great lengths to protect your work. It comes equipped with HP’s ProtectTools, a program that protects data by setting passwords and specifying boot-up scenarios among many other security features. In addition, it has a fingerprint sensor conveniently situated in the wrist area. If you don’t like to type in or trust passwords, this laptop gives you an option of logging on by swiping your finger.

I was impressed by the quietness of the fan; it is barely noticeable. So next time you walk into a silent library, you won’t feel like you’re dragging along a vacuum cleaner. Battery life is another plus: 4 hours is more than many other laptops offer.

If I were looking for a moderately portable desktop replacement, the nx6125, with its great performance, 15-inch crisp XGA or SXGA+ display, and a comfy full-sized keyboard, would easily do. If portability were a higher priority, however, I would go for something smaller. Although categorized as a “light and thin” notebook, at 10.5” by 12.9” by 1.2” and 6.1 pounds, it’s slighter thicker than thin and a little heavier than light.

The system is fully customizable and starts with $999, beating the price of many comparable notebooks.


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