Newbury Networks Teams with SAIC to Secure Government and Commercial Wireless Networks

PSIC staff can leverage WiFi Watchdog, a server-based software system that monitors and secures 802.11-based WLANs, as a solution for visitors with wireless network security needs in areas of: homeland security, homeland defense and national security. Through its patented location technology, WiFi Watchdog provides 24/7 wireless management and security capabilities, providing enterprises with the ability to effectively monitor, manage and secure WLANs.

“As more government agencies and branches of the Department of Defense such as the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy adopt WLAN infrastructure, security becomes mission critical,” said Michael Maggio, CEO of Newbury Networks. “This marketing agreement allows Newbury Networks and SAIC to highlight individual and complimentary business strengths to offer best-of-breed WLAN perimeter security solutions to shared business prospects in an efficient and credible way.”

“We welcome Newbury Networks technology to the growing list of vendors who are demonstrating their capabilities in SAIC's PSIC,” said James W. Morentz, SAIC vice president for Homeland Security Technology. “WiFi Watchdog's location-based security capabilities further extend SAIC's product consortium.”


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