Massachusetts Selects NAVTEQ Data for Multi-Agency Enterprise Deployment Agreement Entered With ADCi, leading NAVTEQ data Distributor

NAVTEQ, a global provider of digital map data for vehicle navigation and location-based solutions, has been selected by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts through an agreement with American Digital Cartography to provide an enterprise-wide license that allows Commonwealth-wide use of NAVTEQ base maps and associated address range data. ADCi is an authorized distributor for NAVTEQ data to state, county and local governments in the United States. The agreement enables the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to use the NAVTEQ NAVSTREETS data at any of the over 300 agencies that are part of the enterprise-wide license.

“We found the NAVTEQ data to be very compatible with the ortho base that we already had,” commented Christian Jacqz, Director, MASS GIS, the coordinating group for GIS in the Commonwealth. “We had already spent a substantial amount of time, energy and money developing centerline data that we were looking to enhance with NAVTEQ address ranges. When layered over our existing centerline data, the NAVTEQ data was a good fit.”

The license also includes a maintenance agreement with the Massachusetts Statewide Emergency Telecommunications Board (SETB), a public safety agency in the Commonwealth. Under the agreement, ADCi will provide quarterly updates to the statewide NAVTEQ NAVSTREETS data. This unique agreement provides SETB with the ability to report any suspected errors or omissions in the data, which will be investigated by the NAVTEQ field technicians on the ground and corrected as appropriate using GPS-based field data collection techniques.

“It is our highest priority to provide our E911 responders with address locations that are accurate and complete,” Jacqz said. “The willingness of ADCi and NAVTEQ to work with us in developing this unique maintenance agreement was critical.” According to Mr. Jacqz, the Commonwealth chose the NAVTEQ data and this update option as the most economical way of fulfilling their objective of maintaining the most accurate and current street centerline data possible.

“It is particularly exciting for ADCi to collaborate with NAVTEQ in meeting the needs of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on a project of this magnitude and importance,” said Jim Reid, President, ADCi. “We are looking forward to exceeding their expectations in providing them with the level of commitment and customer service required to make this agreement a success.”

“This agreement highlights NAVTEQ’s commitment to the highest quality data collection and maintenance processes, as well as our confidence in the relationship we have developed with ADCi,” said Bob Denaro, VP and General Manager, NAVTEQ Business and Government Solutions. “Also, we view this agreement as an attractive model for State agencies to consider in meeting their digital street centerline needs.”


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