Summertime Blue
Posted: 08.01.05 - By Eric Zeman

Yes, folks, it’s that time of the year again. No, not for your extended summer vacation at the beach, but for Mobile Enterprise to recognize the finest mobile deployments of the year with our annual Mobilizer Awards.

In our most competitive contest yet, we fielded dozens and dozens of entries detailing large, medium and small mobile deployments. Judging such a large number of entrants was challenging, and the winners were often separated by one point in our internal scoring system. Making the final decision typically rested on a few key details in each case study. Be sure to check out our awards section starting on page 21 to read about this year’s exciting winners and runners-up.

When we weren’t busy adjudicating entries, we managed to find the time to cull and deliver some informative articles about mobility and the enterprise. Have you heard of MVNOs? Find out if they are a good match for your mobile workers’ needs. Writer Arielle Emmett takes an updated look at biometrics and the role they play in mobile security, and Bill Schu will skillfully guide you through the ins and outs of international cell phone use. Read about the options U.S. cell phone subscribers have when traveling abroad, and make the call on your best fit. Rounding out this issue, Tim Scannell explores hotspot aggregators and details how to best make use of Wi-Fi when out of the office.



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