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Posted: 07.15.05 - By Lubna Dajani

Welcome to a new world, a changing world, where people are at the heart of the ever-evolving technology frontier.

My name is Lubna Dajani, and my professional background includes work in the fields of telecommunications, media and emerging technologies. My expertise are in leveraging emerging technologies to generate new revenue streams and identify opportunity in what may be perceived as a problem or challenge. By many I am considered to be a connector, a visionary and an enabler.

I will meet you here twice a month to fill your mind with extraordinary ideas, curious new concepts and thought-provoking challenges to conventional wisdom. Join me in my part of the universe that is Mobile Enterprise magazine as together we launch Mobile Knowledge, a new section and resource on www.MobileEnterpriseMag.com. Prepare to be astonished as you engage in this exciting forum!

My goal with Mobile Knowledge is to establish an environment where innovations, ideas and collaborations are uncovered, discussed and assessed without boundaries. Yes, we might occasionally challenge the givens of traditional business, industry standards, policy and “the way things are done”—I, for one, certainly hope we do!

In this column I will be sharing with you my impressions, perspectives and insights on how technology, and mobile technology in particular, intersects with business and life. More importantly, I will also be looking to you to share your curiosities, interests and ideas so that we may together challenge, validate and contribute to the evolving world of the mobile enterprise. Together, I believe we can forge a unique and interesting picture of the world to come.

I hope that we will achieve this ambition, by not only collaborating amongst ourselves but by inviting industry luminaries, analysts, scholars, authors, futurists, policy makers and influencers to contribute their thoughts, visions, insights and reservations.

Together with Mobile Enterprise, I hope to assist in the creation of a new community of thought leaders and expertise holders, who will lead the debate on enterprise mobility in the decade to come.

I look forward to taking this journey with you.

Lubna Dajani


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