Unisys to Offer Kashya Data Replication Technology in Disaster Recovery Solution

Unisys offers an advanced data replication and cross-site high availability cluster solution that takes advantage of the Kashya KBX5000 Data Replication Appliance. The Kashya appliance provides superior data protection for heterogeneous storage environments, enabling significant improvements in data protection, data integrity, cost efficiency, and high availability for critical applications. By integrating the technology with Microsoft Cluster Service, the Unisys solution will support automated application failover and recovery over standard IP networks using minimum bandwidth between data centers thousands of miles apart.

³Kashya is pleased to be working with Unisys to design and deliver state-of-the-art, highly available Windows environments with enterprise class reliability, availability and performance, and now with automated recovery across data centers that are thousands of miles apart,² said Michael Lewin, Kashya¹s CEO. ³Our mutual customers will be able to deploy replication or clustering solutions across heterogeneous storage
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platforms, and to replicate their data over an extended distance at a reasonable cost.
This solution takes advantage of a customers¹ Storage Area Network (SAN), and brings a new level of availability and recoverability using standard IP networks between clustered servers in customers¹ existing data centers, no matter how far apart they are.³

³This extends Unisys momentum in addressing customer requirements for Disaster Recovery/Business Continuance (DR/BC),² said John Keller, Senior Director, Enterprise Server Marketing, Unisys. ³In the past, clients were required to make a trade-off between recovery and distance, between functionality and affordability. With this partnership and solution, we are bringing next generation business continuance capabilities to the market that complement our current offerings in the area of highly available Windows infrastructure.²


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