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Posted: 06.23.05 - By Eric Zeman

This means you wait for meetings, sit at airports and in taxis, and probably have lots of downtime that could be made productive. Even if you don’t qualify for the latest and greatest all-you-can-eat wireless laptop solutions, you can reduce downtime (and make yourself look oh-so-sharp by getting Sprint PCS Business Connection Enterprise Edition. Sprint PCS Business Connection Enterprise Edition provides secure, easy-to-use, wireless e-mail that keeps you productive wherever you are—all at a price low enough to keep the bean counters and C-level team happy.

Designed for the enterprise, Business Connection provides immediate access to corporate e-mail and PIM data on capable mobile devices. Working seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, IMAP or POP e-mail systems, Sprint PCS Business Connection Enterprise Edition can be deployed as either a behind-the-firewall server solution or a hosted network solution.

I recently took Sprint PCS’s data network for a trial run and was pleasantly surprised. Running on the palmOne Treo 650, I was able to check all my POP3 e-mail accounts with ease and even browse the Web. Sprint’s 1xRTT data network allows for speedy-enough access, especially if the alternative is twiddling your thumbs.
The Treo’s Blazer Browser loads Web pages with ease and the VersaMail can be set up to retrieve your corporate e-mail with the touch of a button. Push delivery provides immediate access to e-mail and you can view, delete, reply, send or forward e-mails with attachments just like you would if you were sitting at your desk. Impress your customers by sending a follow-up e-mail on your cab ride home.
Of course, with the palm OS, integrating your calendar, corporate directory and personal contacts is completed with ease. You can view and receive updates for meetings and appointments in real time. Accept a meeting invitation en route. Check your calendar to see if you have that extra five minutes to stay and close the deal. E-mail and call people from your corporate directory and personal contact lists. Access anyone corporate-wide while on the go without the need for cradle syncs.

Sprint PCS Business Connection Enterprise Edition also works with a handful of other devices, including: Treo 650, PPC 6600 and PPC 6601 PDA Phones, Treo 600, Samsung i500 and Samsung SP-i600.

So now wherever your business takes you, you can take your business e-mail with you—and look professional doing so.


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