What? Ignore Your Cell?
Posted: 06.01.05 - By Eric M. Zeman

I omitted the word “phone” from my headline for two reasons. First, as you can see, there’s no space to fit it. The second, more important reason lies behind the impetus for our cover story. As much as mobile technology aids us in our work in a multitude of ways, it can be a real drag on life at home, and especially on that family summer vacation.

Cell phones, PDAs and laptops, all these traveling bits of technology that help us remain in touch with the office when we need to be, are also a tether, creating a “cell,” if you will, in which we’re trapped as constant workers even when we don’t want to be. Afterall, what harm will it do to dial into the office and check e-mail from your hotel suite in Aruba—the kids are still asleep anyway, right? Two hours later, they’re on the beach having fun and you’re responding to a sales lead. Ah, this is what relaxation is all about!
If it is absolutely necessary for you to check e-mail or voicemail or perform other work functions while on vacation, then you should read Bill Schu’s article about how best to stay connected when getting some good old R&R. He offers some helpful tips and reminds us that a constant connection can sometimes be more pain than gain.

This month’s issue also features an in-depth look at scheduling and dispatch solutions, mobile realtors and basic WLAN setups.



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