Palmsource and Wacom Collaborate to Provide Improved Mobile Interface Technology for Palm OS Licensees

By joining the Palm OS Ready Program, Wacom's Penabled(tm) pen-based interface technology will be certified to be Palm OS compatible. Certified POSR solutions are designed to free up valuable development time for Palm OS licensees, offering faster time-to-market for new Palm Powered(tm) phones and other wireless devices.

Wacom's Penabled technology provides a simple, easy to use, pen-based method of accessing and manipulating information and applications on mobile devices. Its advanced feature set enables new interface functions such as application zooming, flight point feature and digital signature recognition through increased pressure sensitivity, greater input area and more accurate input control. It also enables the easy manipulation of different applications and the ability to switch smoothly between them. Additionally, as the sensor is embedded behind the display, it ensures the display is more durable, achieves 100% luminous light transmission and eliminates color wash.

"Successful deployment of revenue-generating data applications on next generation mobile devices will rely on navigation and information access that is simple and straightforward," said Masahiko Yamada, CEO, WACOM Co. Ltd. "By joining forces with PalmSource, a leading provider of operating system software for mobile devices, we are enabling its licensees to deliver differentiated devices that both increase uptake of new applications and truly meet consumer needs for usability and ease of use."

"We are pleased to welcome Wacom to the POSR program and to leverage the Company's expertise in user interface solutions for mobile devices," said David Nagel, president and chief executive officer of PalmSource. "As a POSR partner, we believe Wacom will enable Palm OS hardware manufacturers to efficiently bring to market Palm Powered phones and other wireless devices that deliver an enhanced user experience."


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