Knowledge Is Power
Posted: 05.01.05 - By Eric Zeman

Aristotle may have once noted that “all men by nature desire knowledge,” but Sir Francis Bacon said it best (or at least most succinctly): Knowledge is power. If only Bacon could witness the relevance of his words today, as the advent of the Internet and the knowledge worker has us wielding computers, cell phones and brain power to accomplish our daily business tasks.

So it is that one of Mobile Enterprise magazine’s chief goals each month is to empower our readers with cutting-edge knowledge about mobile solutions. Consider each issue a new opportunity to learn which wireless technologies are most suitable for your needs, to evaluate new offerings, to pinpoint which products will succeed and, ultimately, to make your enterprise’s wireless strategy a reality.

Knowledge is in your hands. Just flip the pages to our wealth of informative feature articles about rugged printers for your field service workers (page20), field service management strategies to raise the profitability of your remote staff (page 24), point-of-sale solutions that will help increase efficiency on the sales floor (page 30), smartphones to keep you connected to your corporate
e-mail and data (page 62) and VoIP and UWB solutions to ease some of your telephony and connectivity issues (page 72). Also packed in this month’s issue are our semi-annual ROI case studies.


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