RFID Enterprise to the Rescue
Posted: 04.11.05 - By Rita Kushnir

RFID Enterprise offers a single platform that allows customers to gather and process RFID data from heterogeneous devices, store collected data in the database, implement business rules based on RFID events and integrate them with existing enterprise systems.

Marty Mallick, a Sybase spokesperson, explains how integration that RFID enterprise provides eliminates complications usually associated with the deployment of RFID technology. “When there are several specifications from different hardware manufacturers, you end up with quite a number of different interfaces for this RFID hardware. The first thing that RFID Enterprise does is it gives you an abstraction layer to communicate with those RFID devices. So essentially, it provides a single API (application programming interface) that lets you work directly with all this hardware versus having to work with a specific API for each different piece of hardware you are using within your network.”

There are several features that distinguish RFID Enterprise from current alternatives. “RFID Enterprise focuses on providing the ability to deploy business logic at the actual reader level,” Mallick says, “meaning you can filter the data and only capture the meaningful data and only that data gets sent back into enterprise so you can optimize your performance and optimize your bandwidth usage.” The reporting on the data is another capability. Customers can generate reports to understand what exactly is happening in their inventory or supply chain. In addition, RFID Enterprise performs network RFID management; it monitors all hardware pieces in the RFID network to make sure that they are functioning properly.

Cesar Castillo, a wholesale distributor and third-party logistics company specializing in distribution within the pharmaceutical industry, is one of the first companies to deploy RFID Enterprise. “They now know that the right products are being shipped in the right order, to the right people,” says Mallick, “and they can avoid human errors as well as any redundancy in entering of data that was happening previously.”


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