Through Cyberspace to Your Phone
Posted: 04.01.05 - By Rita Kushnir

The registration process at is simple. You enter a code into your mobile phone and complete your profile on the Web site. Then you download a 610Kb set-up file, install the program and run it. Your computer is now equipped with Vazu.

The feature that initially sparked my curiosity was the copy and paste from PC to mobile phone capability. I could see my post-it and napkin collection, containing all kinds of scribbled tracking numbers and passwords, dissolving. So that was the first thing I tried. This is done by copying text (Ctrl-C) from any application or Web site and pressing Ctrl-Shift-V. And this is what I did. Vuzu pop-up, with my copied text, immediately showed up. A few seconds after I pressed the “Send Now” button, my cell phone received a text message with that same text. It worked!

Next, I logged into my Vazu account, entered a new contact with 3 phone numbers (mobile, business, home) and sent it to my phone. And there came another message containing my fictional contact and all three of the numbers. I checked my phonebook and was a little disappointed that the contact wasn’t there. Vazu requires the customer to use contact info in the message to add it to the phonebook manually.

It allows you to enter and store your existing contacts so if you ever lose your phone, you know that your contacts are safe and ready to be transferred to your new phone. Contacts can also be transferred from e-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

The Vazu Web site also comes with SMS capability, so you can send text messages without having to thumb in the text. Another useful feature is that when you visit a Web site using Internet Explorer, Vazu icons appear next to names and phone numbers and by clicking them, you can send the information to your phone.

Vazu uses a credit system for its currency – one message is worth 1 credit. Credits are purchased via the Web site. You can get 30 credits for $9.95, 100 credits for $19.95 or 300 credits for $49.95. You can try it for free using the 5 credits that you are initially given.


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