Bring On Jesse Ventura
Posted: 04.01.05 - By Eric Zeman

When running for governor of Minnesota a few election cycles ago, Jesse “The Body” Ventura—the muscle-bound former WWF wrestler and B-movie action star—plainly stated during his campiagn that while he was known for the strength of his body in the past, in the new phase of his life he wanted to be known as Jesse “The Mind.” Brains and brawn? Now that’s a good idea.

It was our own search for the brainiest and brawniest mobile equipment on the market that led us to the laptops, handhelds and smartphones that are featured in this month’s rugged device feature on page 20, written by Staff Editor Teresa von Fuchs. Governor, wrestler, whatever, even Jesse “The Body” and “The Mind” Ventura is no match for the toughness of these field service machines.

If your execs and C-level staffers aren’t going to be constantly dropping their laptops or running over them with their sport coupes, then perhaps they’d like to read about laptops that have it all: power, memory, large hard drives, media bays, big screens and connectivity galore. These souped-up notebooks lack one attribute, owever—weight—making them easy to bring on a business trip. Check out V. Wade Contreras’ feature on page 32.

Rounding out this month’s issue is Lee Sherman’s in-depth look, on page 36, at how some companies feel about corporate Wi-Fi networks.



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