JP Mobile Launches Wireless E-mail Subscription Service For Mobile Professionals

To activate a wireless e-mail account, mobile professionals simply visit JP Mobile's SureWave Mobile Connect portal, enter their Outlook Web Access path and Exchange Domain name, and within minutes they can receive wireless push and synchronization of Microsoft Outlook e-mail/PIM data on their mobile device from their corporate or ASP/ISP Exchange server.

With minimal effort and no cost, corporate IT departments can get their mobile professionals up and running with wireless e-mail simply by providing them with basic server information and directing them to the SureWave Mobile Connect portal.

"Despite the strong demand for wireless e-mail, barriers such as cost and complexity have prevented this basic application from achieving mainstream status in the enterprise market," said Brent Iadarola, mobile computing industry analyst for Frost Sullivan. "By tackling these barriers head on and, in effect, eliminating them, innovative solutions such as SureWave Mobile Connect can provide the spark needed to take enterprise wireless e-mail to the next level."

"The high cost and inherent complexity of wireless e-mail solutions available today is completely unnecessary and is hindering the widespread adoption of this 'must-have' productivity tool," said Dayakar Puskoor, co-founder and CEO for JP Mobile. "The current model, which requires purchasing hardware, integrating software and having IT provision each and every wireless device, is woefully inadequate. It does not now nor will it ever come close to satisfying the pent-up demand for wireless e-mail among mobile professionals. With SureWave Mobile Connect, we're saying to mobile professionals and enterprises: If you have remote access to your corporate MS Exchange e-mail, you're just three clicks away from affordable, reliable wireless e-mail. No hardware to purchase. No software to purchase. It's that easy."

The SureWave Mobile Connect service costs $12.95/month. For a limited time, JP Mobile will offer mobile professionals a free 30-day trial of SureWave Mobile Connect .

JP Mobile will market SureWave Mobile Connect directly to mobile professionals as well as through partnerships with leading device manufacturers, carriers and hosted e-mail providers.


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