Aeroprise Joins the Mobile Enterprise Alliance and International BlackBerry User Group

Aeroprise, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise mobility solutionsfor Service Management organizations, today announced that it has joined leading mobile solutions
providers, including companies such as Citrix Systems, Fiberlink, Inmarsat, Intel, Intellisync, and Telefonica - as the Mobile Enterprise Alliance's latest vendor member. Together, these vendors support the mobile strategies of more than 800 of the world's most progressive IT organizations that comprise the MEA. Aeroprise Co-Founder and Director of Marketing Anand Chandrasekaran was also named to the Mobile Enterprise Alliance Advisory Board, a group chartered with a mission to direct programs and
provide an active forum for discussing a range of issues relevant to the supply chain for mobility products,
technologies and services.

Aeroprise also announced it joined the International BlackBerry User Group (IBBUG) as a Gold sponsor.
The IBBUG is a platform for BlackBerry developers and users worldwide.

These announcements come at a time when the benefits of mobile solutions for IT organizations are easier to achieve than ever. As networks and devices improve and the cost of wireless data continues to fall, CIOs are increasingly turning to mobile solutions to align IT with business objectives. Aeroprise products have been widely recognized for solving three key problems that have delayed the proliferation of mobility within the enterprise. Customers benefit from end-user personalization of mobile applications, deployment without programming and automatic device optimization.

According to Daniel Taylor, Managing Director of the MEA: “With its market awareness, strong customer base, and emphasis on the business benefits of mobility, Aeroprise demonstrates a clear vision of the role of mobility in the enterprise that is synonymous with the mission of the MEA, and we are very pleased to add Aeroprise to our growing list of vendor members. I look forward to working with them in
the coming months and years."

According to Laura Nuhaan, Executive Director of the IBBUG, “Aeroprise is building an ecosystem of customers and partners around them that includes carriers and leading technology companies like RIM, and has a strong following among BlackBerry users. I look forward to showcasing their solutions to the IBBUG community”.


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