Sony Ericsson Announces Go-To-Market Partnerships to Offer Mobile Solutions to Enterprises

Sony Ericsson today announces new go-to-market partnerships with Appforge, Intellisync and JP Mobile to collaborate on providing mobile solutions to business customers. During the year, Sony Ericsson is to establish a Business Partner Program for organizations that provide mobile solutions to business customers either directly or through third party channels.

The Program will offer solution developers and providers go-to-market opportunities plus sales and marketing support.

"AppForge, Intellisync and JP Mobile are all leaders in their respective fields and make strong partners in our strategy to offer mobile business solutions by partnering with like-minded organisations that develop, market and deploy such solutions," says Jan Wäreby, Corporate Executive VP and Head of Sales & Marketing at Sony Ericsson. "Whether it is accessing company e-mail on mobile handsets, enabling a sales force to interact with CRM applications in the field or allowing IT departments to control mobile devices, there is evidence of tremendous growth in this market across small, medium and corporate enterprises."

Responding to such fast growth in the mobile solutions market, Sony Ericsson has initiated the Business Partner Program to be a vehicle for supporting, recognising and rewarding solution providers and developers and together drive incremental sales. Initially the Program is open to invited companies, and as it develops it will be extended to a wider group. It will be specifically targeted at mobile solutions developers and providers with cutting-edge knowledge and expertise in areas such as Push E-mail, Corporate Telephony, Sales Force Automation, Field Force Automation, CRM and Mobile Device Management. Combining the partner companies' expertise with Sony Ericsson's portfolio of versatile, open devices such as the P910 smartphone, will shorten time-to-market for innovative services, increase end-customer value and drive data traffic in the mobile networks. More information is available at

"AppForge is very excited to be part of the new Sony Ericsson Business Partner Program. We believe that key benefits such as the Go-to-Market support, will positively impact our business development efforts" said Gary Warren, AppForge Chairmen and CEO. "Our cross-platform mobile development environment, paired with Sony Ericsson's state-of-the-art products, will enable enterprise accounts to unleash their mobile device potential".

"Intellisync sees great benefit in being selected as one of the top mobility players to work with Sony Ericsson," said Woodson (Woody) Hobbs, CEO of Intellisync Corporation. "Both Sony Ericsson and Intellisync believe that our relationship will have a substantial impact on the enterprise and mobile carrier marketplaces. The combination of our award-winning mobility software with Sony Ericsson's industry-leading devices delivers a powerful 1-2 punch. With the help of Intellisync's highly regarded wireless email, device management tools, and ability to mobilize nearly any enterprise application, Sony Ericsson is positioned to advance its leadership around the world."

"The benefits of enterprise mobility are clear-cut and compelling. Increased productivity, shortened sales cycles, real-time responsiveness, improved customer service, and streamlined, enterprise-wide collaboration are at the top the list," says Dayakar Puskoor, JP Mobile co-founder and CEO. "These benefits are being realized today by the growing number of professionals relying on their wireless devices to stay connected and productive while on the road or in the field. With its innovative offering of feature-rich mobile phones, Sony Ericsson continually raises the bar for mobile communications. JP Mobile is pleased and proud to partner with Sony Ericsson to drive the adoption of secure, wireless e-mail among enterprises worldwide."


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