Only the Answers?
Posted: 03.01.05 -

Spanish painter and photographer Pablo Picasso was a visionary artist of his (or any) time. Viewing his work always stirs a reaction in me. As prescient as he was in painting, I’ll forgive his lack of foresight when he said: “Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.”

While that may have been true of the room-sized behemoths that preceded today’s laptops and handhelds, I think most would agree that computers now do more than provide answers. Processors and code have permeated products across the board, and we rely on them to perform defined functions so that our office buildings can be completed on time (see Bill Schu’s construction vertical story on page 20), our insurance agents can file claims instantly (see Arielle Emmett’s insurance adjustors story on page 28) and our e-mail can be wirelessly synced with the office while we take the train to work (see Michelle Maisto’s “planes, trains and automobiles” feature story on page 36).

After you read those great stories, be sure not to miss our exciting new department, The How & Why, which will be featured monthly. Long-time contributors Craig Settles and Tim Scannell will take an issue and examine it, respectively, from business and technology angles. We expect their efforts to paint a picture, so to speak, and pay off with informative answers regarding today’s mobile business techology.



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