It Ain’t Over ‘til the Browser Sings
Posted: 03.01.05 - By Teresa von Fuchs

Opera has released a version of its mobile browser for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform. This version will include Opera’s small screen rendering (SSR) technology, which reformats regular Web pages for browsing on small screens without horizontal scrolling. Shortly after a technical preview was quietly made available near the end of last year, over 40,000 had been downloaded. Opera 7.6 for Windows Mobile supports all major Web standards, including CSS2, DOM 2, JavaScript and more.

Opera’s mobile browser was previously available on Symbian, Linux and other mobile platforms and is featured in smartphones by manufacturers such as Nokia and Sony-Ericsson. Its decision to make a version that’s Windows Mobile compatible came as a surprise. The two companies settled a suit this year over compatibility issues between Opera’s desktop browser and the MSN portal. Opera also has publicly stated that it would never make a Windows-compatible mobile browser.

But a spokesperson for the company admitted going back on that, when customers began asking for a compatible version.

In terms of desktop innovation, Opera has also been working on a voice-enabled version due out this year; with interactive, voice-enabled spoken browsing commands such as “Opera next link” or “Opera back.” There is also “Opera speak” available, which will enable Opera to read page content and e-mail messages aloud. Other features of the new browser include various commands such as fit-to-window-width and fit-to-paper-width for easier viewing and improved simple syndications feeds for the included e-mail client.


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