Handango Releases Industry's First Download Client for BlackBerry

At the 3GSM World Congress, Handango, the leading provider of mobile downloads, announced the release of Handango InHand for BlackBerry. Handango InHand is an intelligent, device-resident download client for smart phones and wireless handhelds and is available at www.handango.com. Handango InHand is optimized for all BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds(tm) that use OS 3.8 and above, which includes the BlackBerry 7100, 7200, 7500 and 7700 series.

Handango InHand enables operators to streamline content delivery across all smart phones; present a compelling, branded interface; improve customer awareness of downloads; increase content revenues and data traffic; and deliver a superior download experience through features such as trials, one-click access, download safeguard and online backup.

"Handango InHand for BlackBerry enables operators to tap customers' appetites for more than just email. With hundreds of downloads available, customers can personalize their BlackBerrys in a variety of ways," said Randy Eisenman, president and chief executive officer of Handango. "Additionally, we are seeing strong interest from the world's largest mobile operators that view InHand as an excellent way to increase revenue and customer loyalty."

Handango InHand for BlackBerry joins the Handango InHand family of download clients for smart phones and wireless handhelds utilizing Symbian OS(tm) UIQ, Palm OS® and Windows Mobile for Smartphone or Pocket PC. Operators and device manufacturers who have licensed Handango InHand include Sprint, Sierra Wireless, Sony Ericsson and BenQ.

Handango InHand for BlackBerry features downloads ranging from software, such as ExpenseManager for tracking expenses; lifestyle applications, such as the award-winning Ascendo Fitness; games, such as the popular Blackjack Buddy; and many other fun, robust applications. Customers can easily find, try, buy and download mobile content quickly and securely with Handango InHand thanks to rock-solid security and download safeguard technology.


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