Gamber-Johnson Certifies USAT as a Nationwide Installation Provider

USAT Corp., a leader in field computing systems integration, is proud to announce that Gamber-Johnson has recognized USAT as a Certified Nationwide Installation Provider of their technology mounting systems for vehicle fleets.

Gamber-Johnson, the pre-eminent mount manufacturer in the United States, first partnered with USAT Corp. in 1998. The two companies have worked together on hundreds of fleet mobility projects since then, a growing relationship that recently culminated in USAT being named one of only two nationally certified installation partners for Gamber-Johnson.

The Gamber-Johnson certification process is a stringent one because this core manufacturer wants to assure client organizations that their mounting system is not only well-designed and manufactured to quality standards, but that it also is installed correctly, professionally and safely. During an on-site visit to USAT Corp., Gamber-Johnson focused on these points: proper mounting system / hardware selection, best wiring practices, air bag safety, customer service skills, and product / installation warranty.

Central to the Gamber-Johnson Certified Installer Program is an ISO 9001:2000 certified training process based on the latest industry criteria that provides a thorough understanding of new and developing standards. In addition, USAT will issue an end-user survey with every certified installation to ensure customer satisfaction.

In order to perform installations on a national basis USAT Corp. maintains an in-house team of installation technicians. USAT installation teams travel to a client’s location to perform multi-component installation work. A typical job includes the installation of a computer, a GPS receiver, a wireless data modem, and two sets of antennas. Another part of USAT’s job is coordinating with local fleet supervisors to schedule times when the company vehicles can be made available. Some jobs keep the team away from headquarters for six weeks at a time.

Brad Pagel, Gamber-Johnson’s National Installation Technician, states, “USAT is not afraid to go out and do the real hands-on installation work—they really aim to bring their customers a turn-key experience, from the computers down to the ignition wires.” Joseph Goss, USAT’s National Services Manager adds, “USAT has never had a dissatisfied client of our installation work, and I aim to keep it that way. I am proud of my team and the work that they do in vehicles all over the USA.”

USAT, a privately held company headquartered in Chapel Hill, NC is a field computing systems integrator that specializes in ruggedized computers, reliable wireless data communication systems, and technology installation services. As part of USAT’s wireless offering, USAT provides wireless WAN modems and activations and wireless LAN infrastructure site surveys and installations. Since USAT’s clients often contend with harsh environmental factors during day-to-day operations, USAT makes it a priority to provide technology solutions built on durable, industry-tested hardware. A full-service hardware partner, USAT provides and installs ruggedized laptops, handhelds, printers, data modems, GPS receivers and specialized antennas into vehicles. USAT also offers client services focused on helping companies successfully manage a large deployment of computer technology into vehicle fleets.


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