Super Bowl XXXIX In-Stadium Souvenir Merchants Team Up with Paynet and Velocita Wireless to Help Fans Make Credit Card Purchases, Without Waiting in Lines

Fans at this years Super Bowl were able to use their credit cards to purchase official game memorabilia, quickly, securely and without waiting in line, thanks to an innovative wireless point of sale (POS) solution, provided by Paynet Transactions, a leader in credit card processing for special events, and powered by Velocita Wireless, a leading provider of wireless data connectivity for mission-critical applications.

The solution, encompassing wireless credit card POS terminals and data service, enabled 200 in-stadium mobile merchants at Jacksonville, Florida’s Alltel Stadium, site of this year’s NFL championship, to process additional souvenir sales while making it easy for fans to purchase official merchandise, wherever they were in the stadium complex.

“Being asked to supply wireless data connectivity at such an important venue like Super Bowl XXXIX speaks volumes about our ability to deliver the very best wireless data solutions, regardless of location,” said Charles Nelson, Chief Executive Officer of Velocita Wireless. “The confidence Paynet has expressed in our capabilities is strong validation of our reliable network and commitment to providing customers with the connectivity options and enhanced services they need to keep them running with no service interruptions, wherever they conduct business. We are extremely proud to have been part of this American tradition.”

“As part of our continuing commitment to provide merchants with the utmost in service,
convenience and network performance, we were, once again, delighted to have Velocita Wireless as our wireless data network provider,” said Eric Kirk of Paynet. “Their dedicated, always-on wireless data network and history of performance-proven connectivity, even within stadium environments, once again provided our merchant customers with the fastest, easiest, most reliable method of electronic transaction processing.”

Each Paynet terminal at Super Bowl XXXIX was equipped with a wireless modem, allowing for rapid transaction transmission over the nationwide Velocita Wireless network. Once a credit card was swiped, the terminals wirelessly transmitted the data to a front-end processor, over the Velocita network, where it received authorization and was securely broadcast back to the terminal. The process usually took 3 to 10 seconds. Using standard dial up phone lines, the process would have taken much longer.

The Velocita Wireless Network is ideal for conducting wireless credit card transactions because of its seamless, nationwide coverage, low latency, high reliability and guaranteed confirmation of transactions.


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