Toshiba Makes Work More Accessible
Posted: 02.10.05 - By Teresa von Fuchs

Toshiba is, of course, initially only offering the BREW-based service on Japan’s KDDI cellular network, to be available by the end of March. Toshiba has not yet commented on pricing, but did mention that the service would be affordable, and though it is initially targeting the enterprise, the service would be useful to consumers as well.

The fantasy of remote PC access from a device as omnipresent as the cell phone has been around for some years, but it took a number of advances in both network data capabilities, and handset improvements, such as screen and keyboard technologies, to make this product possible. However, some experts are still skeptical about the actual productivity possible from a device with limited screen and keyboard size. Of course, its only natural to be skeptical of new innovations, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in Japan.


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