The Latest in Mobile Campus Tools
Posted: 02.05 -

Standing Guard

The potential for financial loss, legal liability and brand damage from unprotected mobile devices is one of the most underestimated risks facing organizations today. To help enterprises better face those risks, Credant developed the Mobile Guardian. It helps organizations to: ensure regulatory compliance; protect the network by only allowing authorized devices to connect; enable productivity with the ability for secure recovery and password reset at all times; and minimize costs by integrating with existing enterprise systems. Price: Starts at $49 for a single user license.

One Net to Catch them All

If you’re thinking of hairspray brands from the ’80s, you’d be wrong. The Cisco AiroNet 1300 Series Outdoor Access Point/Bridge is a flexible platform with the capability of an access point or a bridge. It provides high-speed and costeffective wireless connectivity between multiple fixed or mobile networks and clients. It supports 802.11b/g standards and has enhanced security mechanisms based on 802.1x standards. The ruggedized enclosure is optimized for harsh outdoor environments with extended operating temperature range. Price: $900.

Wireless to the Max

Hate it when you take your Wi-Fi–equipped laptop to the conference room and lose your wireless signal? Parker Vision guarantees (yes, you read that correctly) that you won’t lose the signal if you use its Signal Max WR1500. The Signal Max WR1500 four-port wireless DSL/cable router provides: one mile open-field line-of-sight performance; resistance to RF interference; 802.11b/g compatibility; quick and easy installation; 128-bit WEP encryption; and Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology. Price: $90.

Very Bel Air Indeed

Need more than in-building coverage? The BelAir200 is a four-radio, wireless internetworking platform that can be used to build large-scale Wi-Fi networks from single, private buildings to carrier-grade, city-wide metro networks. Encased in a compact, environmentally hardened outdoor package, and available in multiple configurations, the BelAir200 is designed to be deployed outdoors to provide Wi-Fi coverage in nearby buildings or over large outdoor areas. It can be used as a standalone device or as part of the patented BelAir Networks multiple point-to-point wireless mesh. Price: Ranges from $4,000 to $9,000.

Intruders Beware

BlueSocket’s wireless intrusion protection system, lueSecure, monitors all WLAN activity across an entire physical infrastructure 24/7 and unattended. It also performs real-time analysis of network status, security breaches and performance irregularities. BlueSecure promises easy set up and operation. With support for Windows 2000/XP, BlueSecure closes the gap in enterprise wireless security. Price: $695 for RF sensor, $2,995 for server.

A Standout in the Herd

No, it’s not the newest spacecraft orbiting Earth. Buffalo Technologies’ AirStation WBR2-G54 is a down-to-earth Wi-Fi router that boasts AOSS (AirStation OneTouch Secure System) technology. With AOSS, users can setup secure wireless connections with the push of a button. AOSS automatically detects and configures other AOSS-enabled wireless devices and clients and seamlessly creates secure connections. As you add additional devices, security is negotiated at the highest level possible for all devices on the network. Price: $170.

No Worms in this Apple

Apple was ahead of the Wi-Fi curve when it offered its 802.11b card so early in the wireless game. And now, for Macheads just catching up to the wireless revolution, Apple offers the AirPort Extreme card (for particular models), which employs the 802.11g standard for speeds up to 54 Mbps, though it can also scale backward for users with older AirPorts on the 802.11b standard. Apple promises that using the AirPort Extreme card is simple and easy, allowing you to communicate in a snap with local Wi-Fi certified networks in cafes, hotels, airports and other businesses around the world, or at home, within 150 feet of its AirPort Extreme base station. Price: $79.00.

The Next Big Thing

Whether or not we want to admit it, RFID is going to change business as we know it. In line to help usher in the brave new world is Psion Teklogix’s Mobile UHF RFIS Reader. The Mobile UHF RFID Reader delivers flexibility and enables multimedia data capture capabilities, and it does it all in a rugged shell designed to increase productivity even in harsh environments. Rated at IP54, it’s protected against dust and water. Combined with a 5-foot drop rating, the Mobile UHF RFID Reader will keep working even when subjected to harsh impacts. Price: Depends on package.


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