Steamrolling On
Posted: 02.05 -

Stewart Brand is noted for saying, “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” These days it seems there are many steamrollers bearing down on us, each the next wave of advanced communications or data collection ready to change the enterprise as we know it. It’s easy to point out the “steamrollers,” such as the first cell phone or the Palm handheld, in hindsight, but what about foresight?

We at Mobile Enterprise think it’s with foresight that the companies in this month’s Mobile Tools section acted when creating their latest offerings. You’ll notice that the Mobile Tools section is not confined to its usual space at the back of the magazine but rather featured this month in their respective sections. We’re excited to present them to you as part of our first “Products Issue.” Take a look at the steamrollers headed your way.

Sandwiched between the products you’ll find the expected mobile enterprise fare. An article by Arielle Emmett details how to pick the right hardware for your enterprise by answering the all important “cool” factor question; Tim Scannell offers an overview of sales force automation applications; and Wade Contreras takes a look at the leading middleware providers helping to keep your mobile workers connected. Patrick Glenn rounds out the issue with advice on how to go about researching voice and data plans with the major carriers.


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