Patent Search Engine Launches
Posted: 01.31.05 - By Rita Kushnir

IBM recently opened access to 500 key software innovations covered by software patents to developers working on open source software. Therefore, software developers that meet the Open Source Initiative can use IBM's open source innovations without worrying about potential lawsuits. The availability of these patents, however, make little impact on the software industry, if developers can't find a patent relevant to their projects. PatentCafe OSS Patent Search Engine solves this problem by enabling the developers to do just that. The search engine opened with the collection of IBM's 500 newly available patents.

The major advantage of the PatentCafe patent search engine is that it's based on natural language, which makes it incredibly easy for software developers to search complicated patent documents. They can use natural language search queries that describe necessary software functions, and the results will be returned, in seconds, in the form of a hierarchical list, with the most relevant patents presented first. Previously, similar search engines have been able to search patents only by literally matching keywords used in the search query. These search engines required experienced patent searchers for productive usage. PatentCafe, however, has implemented Semantic Analysis technology in its search engine. While the computer was indexing millions of patents, it “learned” and created a “patent-smart” neural net. This technology is what makes PatentCafe OSS Patent Search Engine an easy-to-use and precise tool for developers.

Besides benefiting OSS developers, PatentCafe Patent Search Engine also accelerates the integration of IBM's patented technology into the marketplace, which promotes worldwide interoperability standards.

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