It Worked, It Really Worked!
Posted: 01.20.05 - By Teresa von Fuchs

It’s billed on the box as “the fastest way to create, edit, transfer and share your cell phone’s contact information….” and, for once, lives up to its billing. DataPilot promised: “Install this product on your PC, plug in your phone to one of our compatible data cables and Viola! transfer info back and forth.” And that’s exactly how it worked. Being more accustomed to elaborate workarounds, I set aside three hours this morning to try it out. I was finished installing, setting up and transferring back and forth in 20 minutes. Really, 20 minutes and that included time spent finding my phone at the bottom of my bag.

No one is surprised that there could be a need for this kind of product. Not all of us, even yours truly, has upgraded to smartphones that seamlessly read the minds of our all contact and calendar programs without even being turned on. Many (I’d even dare to say most) of us, are still stuck in the days of simple phone OS’s that require laborious numeric key padding to enter someone’s first and last name. And I’m sure a few of you have, like me, put off upgrading phones do to the fear of transferring 99 contacts you managed to rack up on the monochrome monster you’ve had for three years. But not anymore! DataPilot saves the day.

For most of us, anyway. DataPilot supports 250 phones and continues adding more frequently. Aside from just contact info there are five other data functions available: Internet Connect sets up your phone as your PC modem; Ringtone Compose allows you to compose ringtones on your PC and then transfer them to your phone; Image Editor allows you to transfer photos to and from your phone and includes photo editing functions; SMS Manager allows to save and manage SMSs between your phone and PC; and Calendar syncs your PC’s Outlook calendar to your phones calendar program. Not all functions are supported for each phone.

Susteen also makes DataPilot for Macs, which promises to sync easily with Mac Address Book. Though I can’t bear witness to the Mac version, DataPilot does provide a simple bridge between contact management programs like Outlook and your phone.

After my initial success today, I started in on a project I’d been putting off for years. I transferred all my personal contacts from my Mac Address Book to Outlook Express, then exported my Yahoo! Address book to the Outlook Express, cleaned everything up a bit and transferred all that data to my phone and back to my Mac Address book. I now finally have all my contacts in at least two electronic places and feel like I have officially joined the digital age.

DataPilot comes in a variety of options like the single phone, the universal package and the corporate edition. Check out for details on which product would suit you best.


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