Realm Systems Mobilizes the Enterprise Network

Realm Systems today introduced a new mobile computing platform that provides the enterprise with a complete framework to mobilize the enterprise workforce and simultaneously provide safe and secure mobility to the corporate end user, wherever they may be. The platform consists of two key elements – the Realm Mobile Personal Server (MPS) and the Realm SOBA Router. Together, they comprise a next-generation computing platform that radically simplifies the secure delivery of desktop and enterprise applications and services to mobile corporate end users.

Realm Systems is the world’s first platform for easy, secure, mobile computing, end-point provisioning, and authentication. Using Realm Systems’ Mobile Personal Server, a device the size of a small cell phone, corporate end users can safely and securely access their enterprise applications any place, any time on any available PC. The Realm MPS enables enterprise employees to take their corporate networks with them everywhere they go – data, applications, and desktop look & feel are the same on any computer regardless of host operating system. The Realm SOBA Router is a centralized back-end system that maximizes desktop control and security, while significantly lowering desktop maintenance costs. With Realm’s platform, IT Managers are able to maintain thousands of users, secure and enable enterprise applications, and increase ROI on their existing web services investment.

The Realm platform has applications in a number of industries, including entertainment, financial services, education, health care, government, and other verticals. Realm is currently in beta with a waiting list of over 100 potential customers, including a number of top Fortune 500 corporations.

“Realm will mobilize the corporate end user and free IT from desktop maintenance,” said Rick White, CEO, Realm Systems. “Our new MPS and SOBA Router are combining the power of the enterprise network with the simplicity of a secure USB powered device to create a revolution in mobile computing. With Realm, any computer, any operating system, anywhere, is your computer.”


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