Mouse to Go
Posted: 01.06.05 - By Rita Kushnir

The main asset of this model is extreme portability. It connects to the USB port of your computer via a wireless receiver that is stored inside the mouse and ejected with one touch of the release button. That way, there are no additional parts to carry around. This mouse even comes with its very own soft carry case so you can safely and comfortably take it with you.

The BenQ M310 runs on 2 AAA batteries that come included. When the receiver is ejected, the mouse powers on automatically, and it powers off when the receiver is replaced. This saves battery life without requiring you to turn it on and off during each use, although the manual option is also available. Changing batteries is even easier—a simple touch of a button releases the battery cover.

High accuracy and responsiveness are also important qualities of this device. The M310 is equipped with 800dpi resolution optical technology and is highly sensitive to movement on a variety of surfaces. You will not need a mouse pad for this one.

But like most laptop mice, it is significantly smaller than the average computer mouse; and although it’s a plus when it comes to carrying it around, it takes a little while to get used to it and may be uncomfortable for people with big hands. It is also somewhat difficult to figure out how to do simple things at first without consulting the manual. The user interface, although stylish, isn’t as self-explanatory as it could be. For instance, to turn the device on and off manually, you have to push the left button, the right button, and the scroll wheel simultaneously. It would be easier if there was simply a power button. These are trivial issues, however, compared to the convenience and the functionality this mouse provides.


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