Mobile Tools - January 2005
Posted: 01.01.05 -

...Gotta Wear Shades

When you need to illuminate an important presentation, don’t settle for tools that could make your project look dim. Epson’s new PowerLite 745c XGA projector shines true with 2,500 ANSI lumens of brightness at only 3.9 pounds. The 745c offers PC-free presentations, photo viewing and MPEG-2 playback (just plug in a USB key or a PCMCIA card and you’re set). The 745c is also wirelessly enabled with 802.11g, LEAP authentication and WEP encryption.

Now with Wi-Fi!

Perk up, Tungsten T3 and Zire 72 owners: PalmOne now offers a Wi-Fi card for these models, which means you can get online via an 802.11b connection when in range of an available hotspot. The card includes a PPTP VPN client for secure access, enables high-speed wireless hot syncing and is Mac and PC compatible (Mac HotSync, however, requires additional software). Additionally, download a new palmOne software driver and the card supports the Tungsten T5 as well. Price: $129.

Copy Cat

The Sonix hand-held hard drive duplication unit from Logicube features a complete array of built-in connectivity options, as well as an integrated keypad to make cloning hard drives a more convenient process. Sonix promises speeds up to 3.3 Gb/min. through USB, SATA, IDE and parallel port cables. Packed into a lightweight, ergonomic design, the Sonix can clone any harddrive running any operating system and supports quick PCMCIA slot access to notebooks via the optional CloneCard Pro adaptor. Price: $1,895.

Communication Optimization

ClickSoftware wants to enable your enterprise to share the “strategic goals, service policies, processes and metrics
for delivering low-cost, high-quality and re-
sponsive service.” Its ServiceOptimization Suite addresses six key components—Forecast, Plan, Schedule, Fix, Mobile and Analyze—of an effective field service operation. And because it provides a single solution with a shared architecture, your field force can communicate and receive data across PDAs, mobile phones and pagers. Price: Based on the number of scheduled resources.


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