The Wait Is (Sort of) Over
Posted: 01.05 - By Eric Zeman

Granted, only a few firms are offering 3G networks, and even then only in limited markets, but the roll-outs have truly begun to reshape the wireless data landscape.

Writer Lamont Wood takes an in-depth look at the carriers and provides us with a ground-level view of the 3G networks already in place. For those markets not lucky enough to be part of the first round of roll-outs, don’t worry—many more will be added to the list by the end of 2005. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

On page 16 you’ll find an interesting story by Lee Sherman about the use of mobile technology at airports. I bet you didn’t know your luggage tags contain RFIDs to help them find their way to your plane and back. Airlines are offering this and other time-saving services such as automatic updates sent to your mobile device and in-flight Internet connections. Combined, these help to smooth travel and keep mobile workers as productive as possible. After all, if they can check in wirelessly (and instantly) rather than wait on endless lines, they should be able to put all those minutes saved to good use, right?

ME Executive Editor Michelle Maisto details what those workers can accomplish once checked into their hotel in her hospitality feature. Between 3G and Wi-Fi, connections—and productivity—abound. Enjoy.


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