World-Leading Wireless SME Security From Check Point For Less Than 300
Posted: 11.30.04 -

VAD (value added distributor) Wick Hill is today launching a revolutionary and inexpensive solution from Check Point, which will pave the way for the rapid expansion of wireless computing in the UK. At less than £300*, the product provides an affordable, comprehensive wireless security solution and print server, with the reliability expected of the world's leading supplier of Internet security solutions. It is ideally suited to both SMEs and larger organisations.

Check Point's [email protected] 400W is an upgradeable range of advanced wireless security appliances incorporating the same Check Point technology deployed by 97% of the Fortune 500 companies to protect their businesses. It includes a firewall and VPN, as well as a print server, 4 port switch and DMZ. Automatic failover and traffic shaping are other features which makes this plug-and-play product outstandingly good value for money.

Compatible with the older 802.11b and 802.11g standards as well as the new SUPER G standard, the [email protected] 400W can grow with the needs of smaller companies, with license key upgrades. In addition, SUPER G offers up to three times the range of standard access devices and twice the speed, for maximum flexibility. Email and web filtering services are optional extras, which smaller companies can add as needed.

Growth of wireless

The freedom which wireless gives small businesses for flexible working, improved productivity and cost cutting is indisputable. But security fears have hampered its growth. Check Point's solution will be extremely welcome, with analysts predicting that more than half of all small businesses will employ wireless LANs (local area networks) by the end of 2005.

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman Wick Hill Group commented: "The lack of wireless security has adversely impacted the successful deployment of wireless. This solution, which encompasses the latest security and performance standards, delivers high speed and high security for wireless users of all sizes."

Check Point's [email protected] 400W is available through Wick Hill resellers.


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