Multifunction AP From Airmagnet and Engim Lets OEMs Deliver Full-Spectrum, Full-Time Intrusion Protection and Security
Posted: 11.30.04 -

Engim, developers of next-generation silicon that redefines the capacity, security and manageability of wireless LAN infrastructure, and AirMagnet, the leader in wireless LAN (WLAN) security and performance solutions, today announced a new solution to provide access point manufacturers and their customers with the industry¹s most comprehensive, integrated 802.11 security and intrusion prevention system. This multi-function AP is the first access point with an integrated security sensor, and the first that includes dedicated Wi-Fi monitoring of all channels and bands for real-time security without disrupting end user traffic. This consolidation of functions enables OEMs to provide users with unprecedented security, new economies of service and substantial operational efficiencies.

By replacing several single-radio APs with an integrated multi-channel device, one unit can do the work of multiple APs. This enables the first 802.11 solution to combine AirMagnet¹s industry-leading Enterprise 5.0 wireless intrusion prevention system and Engim¹s ground-breaking wideband multi-channel All Services Access Point (ASAP) capability. Leveraging the Engim AP-310¹s multi-channel capabilities, WLAN IT managers can deploy the highest level of security and intrusion prevention without the expense and overhead of separate security probes.

Dean Au, AirMagnet President and CEO comments, AirMagnet is the leader in detecting, deactivating and documenting wireless intrusions and threats. To date, this has required a separate sensor unit, constantly scanning the RF environment for exploits and problems. Engim¹s unique chipset allows Wi-Fi solution builders to incorporate an always-on monitor to complement classic AP connectivity in a single customer-ready solution.

One of the features we really like about the Engim AP-310 is the integration of spectral monitoring with more traditional access point capabilities, said Craig Mathias, a Principal with the wireless and mobile advisory firm Farpoint Group (Ashland, MA). We see this consolidation of function as being critical to the future of WLAN deployments, and the security and performance-management benefits for both OEMs and enterprise users are obvious.

AirMagnet and Engim: Bringing Best-of-Breed Security To Wi-Fi Infrastructure WLAN networks are increasingly being deployed into enterprise environments that require the 802.11 infrastructure to provide maximum capacity and security, while simultaneously accommodating time- and latency-sensitive voice traffic without disruption. By replacing many single-radio APs with one powerful multi-channel device, this hybrid device delivers the capacity and consistency needed for Voice-over-Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) while also serving data users and providing full-time security and performance management.

Taking advantage of the Engim AP-310 design, AirMagnet can now deliver full-time intrusion detection without separately installed sensors. In contrast, competitive solutions provide only part-time monitoring ­ leaving the enterprise constantly vulnerable to a wide array of attacks or alternatively, require less powerful sensors that overwhelm wired backhaul networks with forwarded packets. AirMagnet¹s SmartEdge architecture provides superior wireless intrusion prevention with 50x more scalability.

For OEMs, this multi-function device becomes the capacity, security and manageability foundation that allows AP manufacturers a fast-path for delivering more powerful and comprehensive infrastructure solutions. It lets WLAN equipment vendors deliver:
* Continual monitoring for 802.11 performance problems and environmentalinterference without requiring a separate device or dedicated WLAN overlay;
* Active Intrusion Response for immediate, automated tracing and blocking
of rogues in the air and on the wire; and
* 3D Rogue Control to detect, disable and document threats in real time.

Together, Engim and AirMagnet enable AP manufacturers to efficiently leverage the industry¹s best technologies, and focus their development initiatives on key differentiators and rapid time-to-market.

Engim CEO Nick Finamore concludes, "We are thrilled to be working withAirMagnet, the premier WLAN security and monitoring technology company.Combining AirMagnet's wireless intrusion prevention technology and Engim's ASAP technology will enable the ultimate in WLAN system services along with integrated security and monitoring services."


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