Skull and Bones Strikes Bitter Tone
Posted: 11.24.04 - By Eric M. Zeman

Though Skulls isn’t the first virus to target cell phones, it is the first behave maliciously. A couple of months ago, Cabir, a lab-created virus, was aimed at cell phones under the strict guidance of experimenters to see the possible effects cell phone viruses could have. Cape Argus stated that Cabir was spread by Bluetooth, a short-range radio link used by most high-end cell phones, to exchange phonebook entries, images and ringtones; the proof-of-concept worm installed itself before politely asking if it may be allowed to propagate.

Skulls, though, acts much more like a traditional computer virus, sneaking its way onto your phone Trojan-style by posing as free phone wallpaper with the file named

It appears that the virus only affects the Nokia 7610 smartphone and, once installed, replaces all working versions of applications such as contacts, notebook and calendar with non-functional versions. Users of infected phones will only be able to place and answer calls. All other functions controlled by software will be rendered useless.

The Web site has posted step-by-step instructions for ridding the phone of the virus.


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