Putting Mobility to the Test
Posted: 11.04 - By Eric M. Zeman

The number of industry shows, meetings and events reaches fever pitch during the crisp days of October and November. The hectic schedule that ensues means I need, more then ever, to rely on technology to keep in touch with the office and the outside world. All the travel has given me a golden opportunity to use various avenues to test out the real-life application of mobility. For the most part I’ve been successful, but headaches with some devices and forms of connectivity still remain. New technologies on the horizon, however, might help to reduce a few of the pain points.

One fairly new method of connectivity, known as VoWLANs, gets a detailed first look by Tim Kridel. See if it makes sense for your enterprise to try this budding form of telephony. Also, Arielle Emmett voices her thoughts about speech-enabled apps, Craig Settles taps into the ROI of wireless e-mail and PIM solutions, Tim Scannell takes a detailed look at device management and Michelle Maisto struts down the mobile runway with wearable computers on display.

These technologies are all aimed at making mobility easier and more manageable. Now it’s your turn to put them to the test. Enjoy.

Eric M. Zeman
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