AirMagnet Unveils Next-Generation Wireless Intrusion Prevention System
Posted: 10.18.04 -

AirMagnet today announced the fifth generation of its product line, as well as a product name change from AirMagnet Distributed to AirMagnet Enterprise. “It seems important to highlight who we’re selling to,” Rich Mironov, AirMagnet VP of marketing, said recently on a phone call. “We’re pretty excited about it—it’s pretty cool stuff.” Mironov isn’t alone in thinking so—AirMagnet Distributed (under its previous name) has shipped to 200 customers in the year it has been offered; and since its launch three years ago, the company has garnered over 2,600 unique client companies.

AirMagnet Enterprise is a WLAN security solution that includes complete rogue management, wireless intrusion detection, continuous vulnerability assessment and policy management and monitoring, all based on a unique architecture. In September, Frost & Sullivan paid tribute to AirMagnet’s offerings by awarding it the 2004 Market Leadership Award in the worldwide WLAN performance monitoring and intrusion detection systems market.

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 18, 2004—AirMagnet, the leader in wireless LAN (WLAN) security and performance solutions, today introduced the fifth generation of its award-winning product line with a new name to reflect its rapid adoption by enterprises. AirMagnet Enterprise, formerly known as AirMagnet Distributed, has shipped to more than 200 customers in its first year. AirMagnet makes Wi-Fi safe for a corporation’s entire global network with distributed security and performance management. AirMagnet Enterprise provides the industry’s most comprehensive intrusion detection and response, including location-based rogue tracing, and identifies over 120 security and performance threats. This enterprise-class solution also offers policy templates that ease compliance with government regulations and an infrastructure-agnostic approach supporting multi-vendor wireless networks.

“Most companies cite security as the major roadblock to wireless deployment—AirMagnet’s proven wireless security and performance solution removes the perceived and sometimes real uncertainties of wireless networking,” said Analyst, analyst title, Analyst Firm. “No vendor addresses this problem more comprehensively than AirMagnet and this combination of reliability and airtight security is critical to organizations in the government, financial, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and other vertical sectors where there is simply no room for network downtime or security breaches.”

AirMagnet has seen rapid adoption of its security and performance solutions in industry segments where wireless connectivity has become an essential part of getting business done. For instance, retail and manufacturing customers are adopting Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to streamline distribution methods and assembly lines. A US grocery chain with over 1,800 stores, Japan’s largest automotive manufacturer, and one of the world’s largest retailers of video and music have all turned to AirMagnet to ensure that their wireless networks experience zero downtime, which could result in the loss of inventory and millions of dollars in revenue. One customer, upscale fashion design company Nicholas K., relies on AirMagnet Enterprise to monitor its warehouse, where it uses RFID tags to manage inventory. The company is tasked with meeting orders from over 40 of the most reputable clothing boutiques in the United States in roughly 30 states, including Fred Segal and American R.A.G.


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