Too Close for Comfort
Posted: 10.04 - By Eric M. Zeman

To celebrate, we decided to put together a special theme issue spotlighting security and the mobile worker. The result is a fine collection of articles full of ideas and strategies detailing how to lock down your mobile devices and mobile data to prevent would-be thieves from stealing your valuable info and sneaking into your network, where they could wreak untold havoc.

It’s rather uncanny that as we were putting the final touches on this issue about security, our offices in New York City were robbed—while everyone was in the building. Luckily, only a few cell phones and some cash were taken by the crook. Laptops and various other technology treasures scattered about the office were left behind in favor of what was small and readily available. Still, it was a stark reminder that sometimes we’re not safe from thieves even in our own offices. The bandit actually had the audacity to sign in (under a false name) at the downstairs “security desk” as a visitor!

The experience taught us all a valuable lesson. Sometimes the easiest way to protect yourselves—and your organization’s assets—is to simply lock the front door. It also makes you question your security plan, or lack thereof. Is your enterprise protected?

Eric M. Zeman
[email protected]


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