VoiceSignal Launches World's First Natural Language Voice Recognition Solution on Samsung's MM-A700
September 2004 -

Woburn, MA - VoiceSignal, the market share and technology leader for speech recognition applications on mobile devices, announced today the launch of its next-generation speech solution on the Samsung MM-A700 wireless phone, available on the Sprint Network. The VoiceSignal software is the world's first one-command voice interface for dialing and launching applications on a phone. This new one-command capability makes it easy for the user to access Sprint's exciting new multimedia features on the MM-A700 streaming video phone. As with all other VoiceSignal applications, it is speaker independent, meaning that the consumer can use it right out of the box, without any training.

This new VoiceSignal software is the company's latest addition to its broad portfolio of embedded speech solutions. With the VoiceSignal software, MM-A700 users can make a call by simply saying a natural command like "call 781-970-5200" or "call John Smith at home." Similarly, with commands like "go to camera," "go to messages," "go to video" and "check status," users are able to access the major features on the MM-A700 with a simple phrase.

Additionally, the MM-A700 features the world's first voice-enabled messaging application. By saying the phrase "Send Text to John Smith," the VoiceSignal software addresses the message to the specified contact in the phone's contact list and opens the messaging application for the user. This new VoiceSignal feature eliminates the need to search through the phone's menu and contact list, making it easier and less time consuming for the user to start sending messages.

"Consumers often can tell you exactly what feature they want to use on their wireless phone, but sometimes locating that feature in the phone's menu takes some practice," said Peter Skarzynski, senior vice president of Samsung's wireless terminals division. "By incorporating this innovative voice recognition solution from VoiceSignal into the new MM-A700, Samsung is simplifying the process, allowing consumers to activate and use many of the applications on this new handset with simple voice commands."

The VoiceSignal solution also includes a powerful user interface that enables the user to customize the setting of their phone to accommodate their own behavior and experience. Within the settings menu, individuals can adjust a number of features, including creating an expert mode by turning the prompts off, adjusting the volume of the audio prompts and recognition sensitivity, as well as setting the phone to launch the VoiceSignal application when the phone is opened.

"At VoiceSignal, we're always trying to push the envelope, specifically in how speech solutions can improve mobile device interaction," said Rich Geruson, CEO of VoiceSignal. "Voice recognition applications are going to play an increasingly important role in mobile devices, and we are continuing to provide solutions that allow for an easier and safer user experience. With this next generation of voice-activated, one-step command software, we've taken a considerable stride in that direction."

The MM-A700 also is compatible with Samsung and VoiceSignal's PC Link software. This software enables users to download their PC contact list directly to the MM-A700 thereby eliminating the tedious process of manually entering the user's contact information on the phone. A free trial version of the PC Link software is available on the VoiceSignal Web site(www.voicesignal.com) or users can purchase the fully-functional version of PC Link in the "Store" section of the VoiceSignal Web site.


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