Mobile Tools - September 2004
Posted: 09.04 - By Bryan Pedersen, Teresa von Fuchs and Michelle Maisto

Safe in the Vault

Olixir’s Mobile DataVault 3DX is a rugged, portable disk drive aimed to ease data backup. Designed to withstand shocks of up to 1,200 G’s, the DataVault promises easy plug-and-play transfers with USB 2.0, Firewire and PCMCIA interfaces. The 7,200 RPM drive is matched with 8 MB of cache memory and boasts transfer speeds of 1 GB in less than 50 seconds. Compatible with Macintosh OS 8.6 and higher, Windows 2000/ME/XP and Linux operating systems, and weighing 1 pound, the DataVault is available in 80GB, 120GB, 180GB and 250GB capacities. Price: $249, $309, $379 and $569, respectively.

Dynamic Duo
New from DAP Technologies is the Microflex CE500X
Series, a twin set of rugged, ergonomic handhelds. One has keyboard buttons lit from behind and a larger screen. Both run on Windows CE .NET operating systems, are tailored to withstand falls, temperature extremes and water, have 64 MB of RAM and feature ZVGA transflective color displays with LED backlighting—which not only makes for crisp viewing but improves battery life. Price: $2,975.

Hittin’ All the Hot Spots

The Digital Hotspotter from Canary Wireless is a convenient way to detect Wi-Fi availability. Small enough to fit on your key ring, it determines whether the Wi-Fi signals in the park, your favorite café or right where you’re standing are fully powered or wavering. Unlike older analog detectors, it also displays SSID encryption and channel information on its LCD screen and can be customized to a specific network. Price: $49.95.

Express Lane

The AirPort Express from Apple packs 802.11g wireless connectivity, a USB Print Server and iTunes streaming ability into a compact, single-piece shell. Promising speeds up to 54 mbps and range of up to 150 feet, the AirPort Express is compatible with Mac or PC. It also safeguards data on networked computers with support for WPA, 128-bit encryption and a built-in firewall. And the sleek, lightweight design (only 6.7 ounces) makes portability practical. A cool feature includes the ability to wirelessly stream your iTunes music library
to the outlet of choice. Price: $129.99.


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