Mobile Tools - July 2004
Posted: 07.04 - By Bryan Pedersen, Teresa von Fuchs and Michelle Maisto

Better than a Giant Cup Holder

Though it won't keep your coffee from spilling all over the car, the MDS Mobile Data Kit simplifies in-vehicle mounting. Designed for field force automation and public safety markets, the Kit provides wireless connectivity to support mobile applications. It includes the long-range MDS entraNET 900TM; MDS NETview MSTM software and middleware for link optimization, data compression, roaming, application persistence and network management; a vehicle mount antenna; a coaxial cable; and a mounting tray for the trunk. Price: N/A

Lock Stock and Laptop

You may feel safe in an enterprise surrounded by a virtual fortress of encrypted wireless signals and secure firewalls, but don't forget that old-fashioned form of hacking--stealing. If your computer finds its way into someone else's hands, Authenex's HDLock protects PC and laptop hard drives against unauthorized access. Much like using a bank-card and PIN at an ATM, Authenex HDLock uses a two-factor authentication login by requiring the use of a physical A-Key token in combination with a password. Price: $79.95.

Mmmmm, Business
The latest version of iAnywhere's MBusiness Anywhere, a mobile application platform on- and offline Web content and other enterprise tools to PDAs, has added support for tablets and laptops. New features include usage tracking capabilities, which enable IT organizations to better monitor user adoption, as well as expanded international support for global deployments. Price: $69 to $299.

Not Quite Crysal-Clear Waters.

Passport inField 2.0 seeks to be your passport to automating field sales and service activities. While it's not a passport to a dreamy Riviera vacation, it does promise to work in real time, with an intuitive user interface and capabilities for both connected and disconnected models, as well as compatibility with most handheld devices. Price: $1,000/set, plus services.

Managing Intelligently

StatePointPlus version 3.3.0, developed by Westinghouse Technology, is Intelligent Configuration Management software promising to provide administrators with real-time audit tools for configuration control, internal security and operations management. The latest version also offers a more powerful software distribution capability for system and application software. Price: Under $200/node.

'N Sync

Intellisync desktop synchronization software enables users to two-way reverse data synch from desktop applications such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise and ACT! among others, with several Microsoft Windows Mobile-based smartphones and handhelds based on the Palm OS and Pocket PC platforms. Price: Various editions available; Intellisync Phone Edition $34.95.

Mini PC

JVC has joined the PC notebook fray with the MP-XV841 Mobile Mini-Note PC, their first US offering. The 3-pound, 4-ounce notebook is equipped with an Intel Centrino 802.11b/g chipset, a 40GB hard drive, 256 MB of RAM and an 8.9-inch LCD screen. THe 1GHz Ultra Low Voltage Intel Pentium M Processor promises up to 6.7 hours of battery life. An optional port replicator facillitates easy connection to monitors and peripherals via four USB ports, as well as VGA, LAN and digital audio out ports. Price: $2,400.

Keep on Truckin'

FeightDATA Mobile is a collaborative offering from FreightDATA and KonaWare. Designed for use on handhelds, the software enables trucking dispatchers and drivers to access schedule, delivery, dispatch, account, load and billing information securely and reliably while on the road. FreightDATA Mobile seamlessly integrates with the FreightDATA software trucking and transportation industry solutions to extend critical information to mobile workers with automatic management of online/offline network coverage. Price: Contact Gary Portney at (650)482-9126 for pricing information.


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