2010: A Mobile Odyssey
Posted: 05.04 - By James Bondra

The mobile executives of the year 2010 have technology working for them 24/7, even as they sleep. An automated grid of wireless networks and information appliances will provide real-time information, which will help executives process reams of available information into meaningful data.

Susan Jackson, senior director of worldwide sales for ABC Manufacturing, ends her day by using her Personal Assistant (PA) to play a recorded episode of General Hospital on the 94-inch projection screen covering her bedroom wall. As soon as her eyes close, the PA, a tablet-like personal computing device that has replaced the cellphone, PDA, smartphone, GPS, CD player, notebook computer, desktop, radio, TV, DVD player and other tools of 2004, begins to work. While Susan sleeps, the PA is assembling, dissecting and disseminating information that will help her be the model of efficiency the next working day.

The PA knows Susan, knows Susan’s business and is supported by a wireless technology grid that allows the device to query the appliances that run her business and gather all of Susan’s relevant information to prepare her for the next day. The Internet is no longer relevant; real-time sensors in all information devices have replaced it, creating a power grid of information supported by wireless networks. Through this the PA can access real-time information from these appliances and assemble the data based on the requesters’ form and format. In the business world, these devices might be our manufacturing equipment; computers that monitor efficiency; thermostats; cooling units; trucks and airlines that deliver goods; people who engineer the products and so on. Software running on the PA assembles the reams of information and slices and dices it into its most pristine form.

As Susan sleeps, the PA creates her schedule and searches traffic and weather patterns to determine possible logistical delays. If logistical delays are sensed, Susan’s PA will alarm her prior to her normal wake-up call, giving her the extra minutes she needs to allow for the delays. Once Susan is awake, the PA will project relevant news onto her wall screen as she prepares herself for work. Topics relevant to ABC Manufacturing and its industry are spoken to Susan through the PA’s voice interface and projected on her wall screen. Any troublesome issues are brought to her immediate attention. Through the PA’s voice interpreter she can send alerts to her foreign sales team for possible corrective actions.

Hitting the Road

Susan’s commute to work is also a study in efficiency as her PA lists all competitor stories that have come across the wire in the past 12 hours. On the road she is alerted to any possible delays, and her PA navigates the most efficient route for her commute, communicating with traffic delay sensors and responding accordingly.

Upon arriving at work Susan reaches her desk armed with pertinent information brought to her fingertips by the wireless networks and grids that interact with her PA. Her morning is a study in perfection as she interacts with colleagues and prospects in Paris early in the morning, England in the mid-morning and works with her U.S. customers in the late morning and early afternoon. The PA profiles each of the customers upon Susan’s request. Data about each client and his or her business profile and competitive situation are brought to her attention as she discusses ABC’s products with each one. The PA actually queries the information appliances belonging to these potential customers to gauge each company’s efficiency, allowing Susan and her team to properly position their products.

Walking the Talk

The interaction with the Paris-based company is particularly interesting. The Parisians speak their native French and Susan and her sales team speak English—and the PAs provide the translation. Wireless communication is seamless, with the network at ABC allowing Susan’s team to project product delivery dates to the day, hitting on a problem that ABC’s Personal Assistants flagged after making queries into the French company’s background. The Parisians are so impressed that their buying interest is piqued. As Susan and her team sign off, the PA sends a brief note to each of the participants thanking them for their time.

As her morning shifts to the afternoon, daily sales figures are gathered and presented. Conference calls are personalized as each individual communicates in his or her native language. ABC’s operational efficiency is monitored by Susan’s PA as it reads the sensors built into the manufacturing process. Susan has had a good day, and the company propaganda machine (a group of PAs) sends personalized notes to each team member’s PA thanking them for their effort in winning another customer.

As Susan drives home for the evening, her PA guides her along the most efficient route. But instead of the daily sales report, Susan has instructed her PA to locate a Bruce Springsteen concert from her satellite radio provider. And while she decompresses to the chorus of “Glory Days,” the PA continues to work. •

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